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To travel the world...

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Would you like to live and work abroad, learn about different cultures and have an unforgettable experience? Whether you want to live in Mexico, Hong Kong, Italy or Dubai, the University of Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) you will gain from Stafford House could be your passport to travel the world.

As well as allowing you to travel all over the world, English Language Teaching, or ELT, is a growing field that can provide a rewarding and exciting career path in English speaking countries.

Whether you are a recent graduate wanting to start your career, looking to teach English abroad in a gap year or during a career break, or somebody wanting a complete career change, this course will take you to the next stage in your life.

if you want more infor fill in a form on our page to talk to our dedicated teacher training teachers - or take a look at some of our reviews! 



Stafford House offers a rigorous training programme that will provide you with the practical tools you will need to find success in the field of teaching ESL/EFL.
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Experienced and dedicated trainers will ensure that you get the best possible teacher training.
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London is one of the world’s greatest, most exciting cities - a truly multicultural melting pot combining centuries of tradition with being the centre of new global thinking and trends.
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Why choose us?

Excellent training

Our experienced teacher trainers are knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to giving our CELTA candidates the best training available. The Stafford House CELTA has been designed to ensure our candidates access a quality curriculum for the duration of the course.

Job search guidance

We provide guidance on finding jobs and the broad range of career opportunities and specialisations that exist within ELT. In addition, Stafford House recruits strong candidates directly from our CELTA courses to work in our junior summer programmes and year round adult schools, and once you’re part of the Stafford House family, there are numerous career paths for English language teachers. We also maintain a regularly updated jobs mailing list and jobs group on Facebook that is only open to our CELTA alumni.

Personal service

Stafford House is known for quality service and excellence in customer care. From the moment you arrive until the day you’ve completed your CELTA, our team will give you all the support you need in order to be successful on this intensive course.

Premium facilities

All our training rooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards, as well as traditional whiteboards; being ready to teach using cutting edge technology, or no technology at all, will give you a definite competitive advantage when you look for a job. As a CELTA trainee, you will have access to a dedicated resource library and computer room, and we also have a cafe and canteen on site.

Small group sizes

To ensure that you receive the personal attention and support needed to meet the challenges of the course we keep our group sizes to a maximum of 18.

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